Every now and again as I look to the sea (a pretty constant past time for me!) I catch a glimpse of a sailboat with red sails. This of course immediately brings to mind “Red Sails in the Sunset”. Never have I seen the two together but we have such awe inspiring sunsets it is difficult not to think of the on coming sunset when ever I see it.

Watching the many different boats pass I wonder where are they going? Where did they come from? Although we have both pleasure craft and commercial traffic most of the year there is a huge increase in the pleasure boats during the summer months. The sizes range from Ski Fleas to freighters, some under way with large diesel engines, others under paddle power and everything in between. Some are like floating cities while others don’t have room for an extra towel. What gets them interested in being on the water? Where did they learn to drive a boat or to navigate? How far do they travel in a day? Where do they stay? Will they make it to their destination by sunset? Where and what do they eat?

Tomorrow our first course will be a Lemon Blueberry Breakfast Cake with Lemon Yogurt and Granola topped with Blueberries and Blueberry syrup, followed by Salt Spring Island Lamb patties and Egg Blossoms with Whole Wheat Seven Grain Cereal Toast, our garden mint, salsa and chutney. We have a full house again so it will be a busy kitchen in the morning!

Now as I upload the sailboat there is a plane from Salt Spring Air is doing touch and goes on the water out front. It is always an ever-changing landscape on the sea, so relaxing yet always something happening.

Salt Spring Island a beautiful place to be...