Sitting on the deck yesterday I heard a mixed medley of honking. As I looked up I saw that school was in. The parents were busy keeping the goslings together and all going in the same direction as they build their paddling abilities. Quite a chore no doubt and it sounded like the little ones had a great deal to say about it. The moms and dads seemed to be keeping an eye out for the Bald Eagles that cruise by checking out the possibility of a Bird for Breakfast. No luck for the Eagle as the little ones were quickly surrounded by the adults and the gaggle tightened up.

The Canada Geese have their nests around the point of land to the south of us. As they mate for life and tend to return to their birthplace to breed the numbers are increasing every year. They usually lay up to fourteen eggs in April in a nest made of down feathers from the female and then keep them warm for about 28 days until they hatch.

When they first started school they didn’t have their Canada Goose colors yet. They were much smaller and looked like little brown/yellow fuzzy balls with heads. It doesn’t take long before they grow and change their colors as the fuzz turns to feathers.

Soon they will be doing low fly bys with everyone working their vocal chords as much as they flap their wings. I think it usually takes a couple of months after they hatch before they start to fly. So they may have already started practicing.