It is 2:00 am, the phone rings. “Hello Rick this is the Garry Oak Room calling. I am locked out on the deck, my husband is asleep and I can’t wake him up. Can you let me in?” Rick gets out of bed, puts on his housecoat and goes upstairs with the key to let her in. Unfortunately they have the chain lock on the door so he can’t get in. He also can’t wake the husband. With a full house, he’s trying desperately not to wake everyone else but he isn’t having any luck.

Other than breaking down the door, and waking up our other guests, the only way of getting her back into the room quietly, is with a key to open the sliding door from the outside.

Rick gets dressed and then gets the ladder. Our son comes up stairs wanting to know what is happening as he saw the ladder going past his bedroom window. Rick is now crawling across the shingles, past another guest room, to where the lady is waiting for him to open the door. He passed her the key, she went in and he went back to bed.

The next morning at the breakfast table she told her husband that there was another man in the room last night and he just laughed.  “Sure there was” he said. He had no idea what had gone on! Thankfully she had a cell phone with her when she was on the deck or it might have been breakfast time before she was rescued.

Do you carry your cellphone everywhere? It sure came in handy this night!