Chewy, our black lab, and Rick head out every morning for their walk. When we used to get the Time Colonist newspaper, they would pick it up on their way in. Rick would pick it up and give it to Chewy to carry back to the house. She would proudly prance on home with the blue plastic wrapped paper. Sometimes though, they were out walking before the paper had been delivered so it wouldn’t be there to pick up.

One of the mornings the paper wasn’t there when they went by, Rick decided to train Chewy to go and pick up the newspaper for him. He started by walking part way then sending Chewy to retrieve it. Slowly he was able to send her from the house instead of walking part way with her. She would happily return with her head held high paper in her mouth.

One morning, after she was gone a l-o-n-g time, she returned without the paper. Rick tried to send her back but she wouldn’t go, so he walked out with her. The paper wasn’t there. He kept asking her where she left the paper – thinking she had lost her focus while bringing it back. Maybe she’d gone into the bush to chase a quail?

Later that day, we were coming back from our shopping in town, and we found the paper on our road! The delivery had been late!! We left it there and when we returned home we sent Chewy back for the paper which she proudly returned to Rick.

Paper Delivery Dog

When give a task, never doubt the Paper Delivery Dog.