We’ve just arrived in Kiev and are getting ready to do a river boat cruise with some friends of ours from Victoria, BC. My daughter Julie is going to be posting this for me while I am away. I do plan to write about my travels though so check back for that!! We’re going to be gone 32 days!!

Recently, I was sent a website on bananas and its uses.  Then later on while stumbling around on the internet, I came across another banana website. I’m really going bananas. – because I also just finished reading a book on Bananas!!

I love this business!  We meet new people from all over the world from every walk of life.  Once in awhile we connect on a different level with some of those guests. A couple of months ago we had the privilege of connecting with just such a pair. I knew there had to be  story when I saw him drive up in a vehicle with the

Bananarchy by Harvey Walker

Bananarchy by Harvey Walker

license plate “walbangr”

Harvey Walker is an Alberta based Best Selling Author.  He wrote “BANANARCHY”a great read that I highly recommend for some great head shaking laughs.

Not only is it fun, he has researched the content with appropriate experts and added recipes using a variety of ingredients and of course bananas.

One of the simpler recipes reprinted with Harvey’s permission:


1/2 OZ. Kahlua

1/2 oz. Bailey’s

1/2 oz. creme de banana

I leave it to your imagination what to do with it!

He has several other recipes in the book such as Banana Loaf, Banana Pudding, other Banana drinks and delights.

Harvey has written and published a few short stories and is presently working on a sequel to Bananarchy.  Wonder what else he will come up with?


If you are interested in a copy of Harvey’s book please send a note to Wallbanger Ink,   Box 32, Site 216, RR2,   St. Albert, AB T8N 1M9   CANADA

His email is Wallbang@shaw.ca