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Have you ever seen the t.v. ad where the lady is sitting at her computer in her rabbit slippers and her housecoat carrying on her office work from home? Rick and I have commented on several occasions that it is a good thing she doesn’t have a webcam.

Your Webcam is Watching

Your Webcam is Watching

We bought a webcam years ago so we could see our daughter when she lived in Toronto. Of course at that time we were on dial up so it was like watching one of the mechanical robots in slow motion, but it was comforting to be able to actually see how she was doing and watch the antics of her “furkid” Bram.

As time and technology advance rapidly, we’ve now got ourselves a small computer called ASUS. It is a perfect travelling companion as it is compact, only about 7 1/2”, runs on XP and weighs less than 2 pounds. It doesn’t have a DVD but it does have 3 USB ports and a webcam. And before we left Canada, our friends Ralph and Lynn introduced us to Skype for a very cheap way to stay in touch with friends and family. So with our tiny laptop, webcam and newly downloaded skype program we were ready to stay in touch while on the road.

After a couple of weeks on the road, I called my Mom. She doesn’t have Skype so I phoned from the computer to her telephone. I had just finished a nice long hot soak in the tub to help fight off the start of a cold before I called. When I got out, I put on a housecoat but found the heavy terry to be really hot so I slipped out of the top. I chatted with my mom with the robe around my waist. I had just hung up from mom when a call came in from Ralph and Lynn which I immediately answered. I could see them on my computer and immediately hit video on so we could chat while seeing each other…………. Rick calmly asked who I was talking to then started laughing. It was at that point I realized what I had done! I was sitting in front of the webcam chatting away topless without even realizing it!

I believe my one saving grace was the slant of the computer screen was such that not all of me was visible. I quickly ducked down and put the housecoat back on, but I was caught and knew it. By the time I was covered the three of them were enjoying a huge laugh over the ordeal.

I asked that we keep this quiet and the comment I heard was “not a chance in hell” so I decided to share my experience with you in hopes that you will have a good laugh! I’ve sent Julie some pictures and another post about our travels which I am sure she will post soon!

I’m not offering any shows, but if you want to say hello while we’re on the road our Skype is: rickbroad


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