Get Ready for Christmas Visitors with our Brunch Menu
Get Ready for Christmas Visitors with our Brunch Menu (Photo by Jason Floyd)

At Anne’s Oceanfront Hideaway, guests during the holiday season are treated to a festive five course brunch. And Mom suggested that we spend the next few weeks covering the recipes that would go into that festive brunch. So this week, in our weekly recipe e-mail, I laid out our five course brunch and sent the first two recipes. I won’t put all the recipes up on the blog, because there has to be SOME benefits to being a newsletter subscriber, but I will give you the menu and a few of the recipes.  If you want all of the recipes, sign up to get the Breakfast with the Broads weekly email recipe.

Each week until December 22nd, we will give more recipes, some tips and table setting ideas, so that you are all set for the holiday season!

And the best part is – you don’t have to wait until the 22nd to start using these recipes. They are so versatile, you can amaze your family and friends with one recipe (take it to a potluck or just treat them on Sunday). But, you can wait until you have ALL the recipes for the whole menu and then dazzle and delight them by creating the entire brunch for them!! And with some make ahead tips that we will give you, and some table setting examples my Mom will make, we will be sure to give you everything you need to make it as easy and stress-free as possible so you can share the holiday spirit and delight in being the Rachel Ray or Jamie Kennedy of your household!!

Wishing you wonderful moments around the breakfast/brunch table this holiday season,

Anne’s Holiday Brunch Menu:

Beverage: Fruit Fantasy
Cereal Course: Apple Berry Crisp with Yogurt
Fruit Dish: Fresh citrus compote with lime cream
Bread Basket: Cherry Banana Muffins and Cranberry Orange Muffins
Main Course: Smoke Salmon Strata served with Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, and Fresh Parsley AND White Cinnamon Toast Cutouts

Coming tomorrow… the recipe for the Apple Berry Crisp with Yogurt! 🙂