Rick and I don’t spend much on each other for Christmas anymore, we already have too much ‘stuff’. But, after playing Wii at a friend’s place, we decided to treat ourselves to an early Christmas present.

We justified it easily, thinking that it would be a form of exercise AND entertainment.  In early November we managed to find a console after trying several places on line and different stores in Victoria.  We also bought an extra remote so we each had one…(my idea which I am sure you will understand if you have tried removing a remote from the male grip!)

We set it up early so we could practice before Christmas. We wanted to at least show some expertise (HA!)!  Baseball, Boxing, Golf, Bowling and Tennis, we tried them all several times but we mostly stayed with the Bowling and Tennis.

Rick started playing tennis against himself by using two different players, one for each arm!  What a sight – he was talking the whole time hitting the ball back and forth and calling out both sides.  The left arm plays as “Janet” and the right arm plays as “Rick”. He has kept this up for almost an hour each day, exhausted but thoroughly enjoying defeating  himself.

A couple of times he would say “Janet has a sore arm today, she overextended” or some such comment that to others would be totally bizarre. Needless to say I am no match for him.

When the kids arrived we started to Golf.   I did everything wrong, from golfing back handed to not hitting the ball hard enough and ending up in the water, or too hard and overshooting the greens and ending up out of bounds (or in the water, again!). The Wii kept saying +10 GIVE UP! I had so many points I made everyone look like pros! Julie kept repeating one of the many quotes she says “The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results” or something like that.  Anyway I got the message, didn’t heed it all that well but I got the message.  YOU suck mom!

Next came the driving game Mario Kart.  We hadn’t taken it out of the package! Well I still do not have  the hang of that one.  I guess my hand and eye coordination leaves much to be desired as I ran into every wall and hazard they put in front of me. Not just once but EVERY time!

I would even back up and hit it again and again and again! Everyone else was completely involved, so they didn’t see me sitting at the start line trying to figure out which way to go and how to get there (until the end and I wasn’t finished!) They loved it driving like they owned the road and everything on it!  Maybe I am getting too old for these games, or I just need practice, lots and lots and lots of practice!