FIT! the buzz word of the new year……. every year for the past… well for too many years!  When we bought the Wii console we were disappointed that we were unable to get the Fit Balance Board.  We were told they were first come first serve and we could line up on delivery day with others that were anticipating the purchase.  Being in line before opening was highly recommended as they were only receiving thirty boards.  We decided we did not have a burning desire that required staying over night in Victoria, rising before the light of day to possibly have a chance to buy the balance board.

Who would have thought that so many people wanted to buy a FIT to get fit? Who knew there were so many  games that could be used with the board!  Fast forward ….. still keeping our eyes open for a FIT.  The staff in the stores said much the same thing…. ‘first come first served’,’ be here on delivery day’, ‘the company only releases so many at a time.  I think it is a marketing ploy to keep up the interest by invoking scarcity!

In early January our friends Dave and Joan (who originally introduced us to Wii) were able to pick up the FIT on line.  We checked availability, ordered it, and waited, all the while listening to our friends telling us how much fun they were having  getting fit!  I was excited.  Having fun may hold my attention to exercise longer.  I know I should exercise and I need it,  yet I never found anything that could hold my interest for long. Let’s try yet another program…never give up!  Something has to work!

On Jan. 22 FIT arrived. We quickly set it up and began experimenting with Yoga, Strength, Aerobics, and Balance.  FIT starts with only a few different poses or challenges open,  as you build time in the ‘activity bank’ more of the training features open, giving us more variety and greater challenges. Once everything is open the number of rep choices increase. When we started we were doing two of each and it took about an hour, now we do a few different ones in each section and it takes an hour to an hour and a half.  Of course you can quit at any time but I am enjoying quite a few in each section so I spend longer.

We do yoga and strength training plus we jog, dance step, ski, snowboard, hula hoop (without a hoop!), catch fish (dressed like a penguin!), and we drop balls through holes. We laugh at ourselves and each other wondering what the people on the tugboats and ships would think if they happened to look our way.

More important I am still working on it and still enjoying doing it!  Do I feel fit?  Not yet, I feel a bit stiff and sore some days so I guess it must be working. Aaaah the quest to be fit using FIT!