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Tree Branch

Tree Branch

On my walk back to the house last week I found an interesting Arbutus branch on the side of the road. If it hasn’t blown away in the last few days, I think I will give it a quick rub and see if  it turns into an Easter Tree.

I first saw my first Easter Tree about five years ago. I asked   “What is an Easter Tree?”  It is a tradition that originated in Germany.  The family would decorate, either a branch inside or a tree outside, with brightly colored easter eggs and decorations. Some do it to add color as they decorate for Easter

Sprayed Branch

Sprayed Branch

festivities while others find significance in the 40 days of Lent by daily hanging one egg and reading scripture. It is one of those traditions that has been handed down through many generations.  Although in past the decorated eggs, ornaments or  scriptures were handmade most today are ‘reusable’ from year to year being made of plaster, plastic, wood or paper.

(It could be a great project for children to cut out and decorate eggs shaped from construction paper, or to decorate boiled eggs for the Easter Tree.)

The Base

The Base

Find a fallen branch that appeals to you.  Do you want it to sit on the floor, a top the table?  This will determine how large you want it. If you want a modern/minimal look keep it straight  with branches fairly clean,  and curving up (or straight out if you have a housebound Norfolk Pine tree).  A more traditional look would be fuller with many twists, turns and ‘kinks’.  Think of  what you will use or make to decorate your tree as this will determine the size and strength you will need.

Now it is time to start the creative process. Will you leave it au naturel, or strip some or all of the bark, give it a rub with sand paper, oil it or even paint it to suit your decor?  Paint is optional and of course could be one color or many colors. Remember this is your tree and it is your whimsy so have fun with it.

Next we need a container to anchor the tree.  It needs to be something that will safely hold the tree and its decorations in place so it should have a bit of weight.  You can use  sand or rocks to hold it in place if it is larger. I have collected a few rocks and some granite eggs on trips (Rick loves it when I bring home rocks -even if they are shaped and polished.  He just shakes his head and asks if I could find something a bit heavier!)  I will use them at the base.

Now it is on to the ornamentation.  This can be whatever you wish to use.  I have some little Easter ornaments but you can make your own. Use decorated boiled eggs, blown eggs, construction paper eggs, yarn eggs, cottonball bunnies, felt chicks, flowers, origami birds etc.  Or if you are going for minimal perhaps just the tree anchored in a basket without further decoration.

Here is my tree.  HAPPY EASTER!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!


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