I was looking out the window this evening and couldn’t believe the number of birds at the feeders.  Because it was dusk it was difficult to  get pictures of all the feeders on the front deck, but we managed to get a few of the closest three feeders.  

We have mostly Rufous (rusty brown) Hummingbirds but there are a few Annas  (green) that are around.

They started showing up on March 11 where we first noticed them flying around in circles around the deck overhang where we hang out the feeders.  There was only a couple the first day but they have been increasing steadily since then.

There is a group  that have been out for a couple of times the past couple of years to band the birds.  It is quite a process.  I have pictures of the banding process so I will track down the pictures and put them up on a later day. Fior now I want you to be able to see the short video Rick took this evening.