The following pictures will speak for themselves.  Our guests have been spending their evenings on the deck watching the sunsets.  They have been truly spectacular.  My words are inadequate to describe the tranquil beauty each evening so I will let a few pictures do the talking.  To my sister who said “Ah sunset number 2,362” my apologies, add these to the list as I never tire of the sunsets from our deck!

IMG_2028They are never the same.

IMG_5910I take all of my pictures with my little Cannon Elf so there are no filters.  What I see is what I get!

P8160036Some look peaceful while others look threatening.

IMG_4957Clearly I am in awe with the beauty and uniqueness of each sunset.

sunsets june 08 015Are you tiring of the view yet?

IMG_1753Okay one more then I will quit.

Sunsets Sept 06005The water was as brilliant as the sky!

Thank you for looking at the sunsets with me.  They are magnificent and I can’t help but take hundreds of pictures.  If you really like them I could share a few more another day.  You can let me know.