The Olympic Torch arrived on Salt Spring Island today via Harbour Air. The town of Ganges welcomed what seemed like thousands of people – all there to cheer on the torch bearers and be a part of this Olympic ceremony.

And – the best part – we had clear blue skies and mild weather for the day!

Here’s a couple of facts we learned from some people who had been following the torch since it’s arrival in Canada yesterday:

  • The torch bearers get to keep their Olympic outfits and the torch.
  • The clothes were given to them, but they had to buy the torch. The torch cost $400!
  • The flame travels in a safe container … a cylinder type thing… so when it’s flying on Harbour Air or traveling on the BC Ferries it’s not an open flame but the flame does in fact stay lit!
  • Hallowe’en makes for a very interesting day to have the torch come through town. There was a man dressed like a Greek God running around town with his own torch. There was a zombie riding a skate board. There were devils, pirates and witches wandering the town waiting for the torch to pass through and the evening to begin!

Olympic Torch Salt Spring Island

You can see more Olympic Torch video coverage on Salt Spring Island at the Salt Spring Community Website.