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What a grand day to celebrate Canada Day!  After our guests left we snuck out to do a quick tour of the cars at the Show and Shine held in Gnages.  What a treat.  Seems every year the number and quality of cars increases.  Also the entertainment and all day live  background music is very pleasant while we enjoyed the day.Salt Spring Island Canada Day Car Show

Bird fun. I saw this man standing by the motorcycles petting and talking to the bird.  Both seemed to be loving each others company. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to see the bird up close. He was beautiful with a hint of peach mostly on his chest and his under tail feathers were a bright yellow.  I said “Hi” and in a very clear voice he said “Hi” back. I held my arm to his claws so he could step on and he promptly decided to gently ‘fluff’ my feathers’.   I had to give him back and move on but it was great to be his perch for a minute.

Canada Day Car ShowMotorcycles at the Salt Spring Island Car Show

Salt Spring Island Car ShowCars, trucks and motorcycles for every age and every taste.  I don’t think I could pick a favorite as there wasn’t one that stole my heart, but many of them.   Of course the company I had to wander with helped with the memories.

Car ShowOne last car show photo:  One antique and one son-in-law smiling for an antique!


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