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Today is Saturday Market in the Park a very popular attraction that people from all over the world come to see. Make it, Bake it or Grow it on Salt Spring is the market slogan. There are vendors selling edibles such organic cows cheese, goat and sheep cheese, breads, jams, jellies, plants and spices; there are artists with painting, weaving, wood turnings, clothing, jewelry, suncatchers, aromatherapy products, etc. plus entertainers in the park on drums, dancing, or juggling. It starts around 8:30 in the morning and continues for most of the afternoon. The best time is before noon while the food vendors are still there.

The People We Meet

I think the most interesting part of running a bed and breakfast is the people we meet from next door neighbors to new friends from all over the world. They have a wide variety of occupations amongst them. We have had vintners from California and France, computer programmers (one put folds in boxes), civil servants working on top secret projects (if I tell you what I do I will have to kill you!), Wal Mart greeters, a retired guard from the Black Watch, pilots, painters, gardeners, authors, environmentalists, actors, librarians, activists, bakers, builders, singers, planners, enforcers, students, musicians, retirees and likely most every walk of life one could think up.

As for interests I think the most common would be travel. Whether across Canada, through the U.S., or all over the world, our guests enjoy table travel through each others eyes. They share experiences on common locations and enjoy talking about what they have seen and done. Many mornings the breakfast discussions can be full of funny personal experiences, plus many good tips with new places to see, good eats and things to do. It usually leaves everyone ready to head off on their next adventure.

This morning we had a couple in training to trek to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro before they head off on a safari through the Serengeti. I think before the day is done they will have hiked every trail on Salt Spring.

Their story brought to mind that of a previous guest who was training to climb Mount Everest. This quiet tall slim retired man wanted to get in a few hills by cycling around the island for the day. Upon his return he told us of his Salt Spring adventure. About half way down North End Road a couple of young boys were pointing and laughing at him as he went past. He was a proud and determined man and didn’t question their laughter. He reached the Fire Hall at Central intersection and stopped for a drink of water and to wet his head. He took off his helmet and drenched his head then put his helmet back on. Interestingly it fit much better than before as he had been wearing it backwards, with the straps just passing the edge of his eyes. Now if he could just figure out the brakes, pressing backwards on the pedals was just not working! When we lent him a helmet and a multi-geared mountain bike we didn’t know he had never worn a helmet and had not ridden a bike for over thirty years. We talk of him every once in a while with a smile wondering if his dream came true!

This morning the food was eaten with great relish and a little quicker than usual so everyone could head to Saturday Market in the Park, Artcraft and Artspring. The menu for the day: Organic Apple Cider, Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins and Currant Scones, Strawberry Breakfast Parfait, San Remo Frittata with “Everything but the kitchen sink” WW Toast, and a fruit plate of sliced Mangos, Green Seedless Grapes and Plums. You can see some of our recipes at our cookbook website:

Well my day is done so I will enjoy the sunset. Good night!


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