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My Mom was a Home Economics teacher at my school. As luck would have it, one year she was my teacher. I’m pretty sure it was uncomfortable for both of us. I know it was uncomfortable for me. I never called her Mom or Mrs. Avery, I just put up my hand and asked or answered. One day Mom left the Home Ec Room with instructions to “finish cleaning up our stations and wash the dishes”. We were working on the dishes when we started fooling around. We filled the pastry brushes with liquid dish soap and brushed them to make bubbles. I had just put the bubbles on my station partner’s face as if to shave, when mom walked back in.

She sent me off to the cloakroom to think about my transgressions. At least I didn’t have to go home and explain to her why I had detention that day! I have always enjoyed the odd prank so it is a good thing mom didn’t have me for more than the one year as I might have had to call her by name or Mom.

But having a Home Ec teacher for a parent did help me to become a successful B&B operator. I learned a lot from her. Mom taught me to read the recipe first, clean my work space, gather the ingredients, the bowls and tools, turn on the oven, prepare the pans, measure carefully. and clean up as you go. I also remember the large sign on the bulletin board in her classroom “if all else fails follow directions”. Usually it comes to mind after disaster has struck though!

That is another story, or many, for another day!


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