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Rick and I heard some loud thumping. We assumed it was one of our sons building something (they both have grown up to be in the construction business) in the basement.  After awhile the pounding got more persistent and we figured perhaps they were having a ‘brotherly’ argument and one had locked the other out.  Either way we ignored it until it became so persistent we figured we’d better figure out what was going on.

Rick went downstairs and I went outside.  We both returned not finding either of the boys nor the source of the noise.  When we sat back down, it started again! This time we went upstairs looking for the source.  When I went upstairs I still heard the pounding but didn’t see any people! I knocked on our guests door but didn’t get an answer… so I went to the balcony on the adjoining room.

As soon as I opened the door our guests said “Oh thank goodness, we locked ourselves out here“.  She had on a housecoat but I noticed his shoulders were bare. It was starting to drizzle so I passed them a couple of towels and went to get the key.

I opened the door and the gentleman was standing wrapped in the two towels.  His wife was laughing and said “For years I’ve told him he was going to get caught without his clothes on and it has happened on our 25th anniversary.”

She went on to say “I remembered as soon as I heard the door click shut that you had said “Remember to unlock the door before you close it…..” Fortunately for them we heard the pounding, and fortunately for me the balconies are separated. I had no idea he was on the other side stark naked and freezing!

When man is born he learns fairly quickly to roll from his back to his front then onto his knees. This begins a whole new process of movement called crawling. Once he masters the crawl he moves on to speed. He then moves to walking and more speed – running. Then comes the tricycle, the bicycle, the scooter, etcetera until it is time to learn to drive, many times speed comes before mastery.

I have been told that many a good man falls to his knees for a good woman and learns to crawl all over again. Such has not been my experience. When Rick proposed to me he was standing in the kitchen holding a small wooden box. I was wearing an oven mitt, holding a fry pan and a spatula. Oh yes and clothes of course! To this day he says he never asked me to marry but to get engaged. I guess I made an assumption even though he wasn’t on his knees, but he didn’t start running when we started the wedding plans either.

To hear his sisters talk he hit the ground running and was always into mischief. We have been married for thirty-five years in November and I must say I have not brought this man to his knees for any reason other than to fix a tire or mend a broken pipe.

Not until recently that is……. one evening when I was busy preparing for next mornings breakfast. I had made a ‘Morning Magic Muesli’ and I needed a bit of whipped cream for the top so I used a small electric Braun handmixer for the job. It was whipping nicely I just needed to get a bit of Vanilla and Sugar to finish it.

While continuing to whip I reached across the counter. The cup tipped a bit but I didn’t let go of the mixer so it kept right on whirring and whipping and spraying.

At that precise moment Rick walked in to the kitchen to Whipped Cream flying in every direction. I stood there with my finger glued to the on button watching it spray in disbelief. I didn’t think I had made that much Whipped Cream! Needless to say Rick started to laugh and laugh and laugh which was his mistake of the thrity five years of being my husband. I used some ill chosen expletives to which I immediately repented and together we got down on our knees to clean. Took thirty five years and Whipped Cream but finally he is on his knees!!!

Likely the next time (and I am known for my kitchen antics!) I will be doing the clean up myself!


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