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As much as Rick tries to be the centre of attention, he just can’t compete with the table centrepiece. For me, I enjoy putting the centrepiece together and usually do something different each time. Sometimes I use a theme and other times just whimsy changing the colours, textures, sizes, and quantity of pieces to make the centre interesting. Flowers are always a nice center especially if you are doing a more formal theme. I just try to remember to keep them low so I can see the other people across the table.

I grabbed a few things from around the house this morning that I use in centrepieces to show you.

There are endless possibilities in this eclectic group. Let your imagination fuel those creative juices!!

Today I am using rocks I have collected from around Salt Spring. When Rick came to Salt Spring for the blasting of our basement he brought home two rocks, handed them to me and said “Here is your piece of the rock”. I still have them. Friends owned an acreage with an old Rhodonite mine so they had Rhodonite rocks. With permission I brought home a couple and on it goes. Here they are:

Today it is raining cats and dogs so I think I will catch a few for the table.



I like candles and use them in many of my centrerpieces, some big some small but always lit during meals when I use them on the table.

Whether whimsical or themed the choices are endless. Themes are many: Christmas, New Years Valentines, Easter, Spring, Birthday, new baby, wedding, anniversary,etc. and usually carry through the rest of the table decor. Whimsy is, well anything you want it to be, or anything you have around the house. How about using your children’s toys, books, tea cups, cards and poker chips, Monopoly Game money and peices. What about a Scrabble board with peices spelling each guests name?

What is in your house?? What is the centre of your table attention?


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