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Valentine's Day Brunch Menu Ideas

Valentine's Day Brunch Menu Ideas

We’re all set for another special occasion brunch menu! And, of course, this time we’re focused on a special Valentine’s Day brunch! We’ve already sent the menu and the first recipe out to our Breakfast with the Broads email recipe subscribers… but we’ll share a few recipes and the menu with you too! If you want the entire thing, make sure you’re on our list to get our weekly recipe emails!

Our Valentine décor is red and white (sometimes with a splash of pink) so I try to make the breakfast menu to compliment it. Great red fruits to add color for Valentine’ s are Strawberries, Raspberries, and Pomegranate Seeds.

Here’s our Valentine’s Day Breakfast Menu for 2009:

White Grape Juice (with a few drops of red juice for color if desired)

Strawberries, Kiwi, Mango, or Red Grapes

(with dipping dark chocolate)

Pear Melba with Raspberry Sauce

Chocolate Chip Scones

Heart-shaped Raisin Toast with Cinnamon Sugar

Heart shaped waffles, whipped cream & Maple/Strawberry Sauce

Chicken/Turkey Sausage

(looks nice garnished with sliced Strawberry and Fresh Rosemary/Mint Sprig)

Tea, Coffee (with cinnamon hearts)

Get Free Brunch and Breakfast Recipes Weekly!

Get Free Brunch and Breakfast Recipes Weekly!

valentines-dayVisit Anne’s Oceanfront Hideaway on Salt Spring Island in February for romance and relaxation.

Unwind as you gaze at the ocean from any one of our ocean view rooms, relax in our hydro massage tubs and delight in a fabulous four course breakfast in our dining room each morning. It’s an amazing experience and one that is sure to spoil your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.

This special is only available by Phone for stays between Feb. 1 and Feb. 28, 2009. So call us for all of the details. 1-888-474-2663

Pacific Yew Room
2 nights including a four course breakfast, a 750 ml Chocolate/Raspberry Port, 6 Harlan’s Chocolates, Facial 2 Go Kit and an edible Sensual Health Body Glaze (value $435)

$310 – save $125!

$290 Midweek Special (Valid Monday – Thursday)

Douglas Fir Room
2 nights including a four course breakfast, a 750 ml Chocolate/Raspberry Port, 6 Harlan’s Chocolates, Facial 2 Go Kit, and an edible Sensual Health Body Glaze (value $455)

$315 – save $140

$299 Midweek Special (Valid Monday – Thursday)

Garry Oak Room
2 nights including a four course breakfast, a 750 ml Chocolate/Raspberry Port, 6 Harlan’s Chocolates, Facial 2 Go Kit and an edible Sensual Health Body Glaze (value $495)

$355 – save $140

Red, white & more red

Red, white & more red

Thanks for the nudge about Valentine’s Day Decorating June.  I hope you can find some ideas here to help you get started.  Have a nice time at your party!

I am an advocate of using things you have around the house to decorate for different occasions. Admittedly I pick up the odd addition with a particular theme in mind, but usually it is after the occasion and for the following year (yes on clearance sales!)

We celebrate Valentine’s Day for the month of February at Anne’s.  We add a few extras to the room amenities and offer a couple of different special packages for a two night stay.  This gives our guests a chance to settle in, enjoy a relaxing tub for two and a special breakfast  each morning along with time to explore the island, enjoy a wonderful dinner at one of many gourmet restaraunts and return for a relaxing evening with a glass of wine by the fireplace, perhaps a movie and popcorn, and/or another tub for two! It is a nice getaway from the hustle bustle of family and work and gives them time to devote to each other.  Of course for us that means two separate delicious breakfast menus to work up! So I will get started on that this week. New Table Decor

Have you noticed how sometimes the decor takes a turn. “Things” turn up on the table when you least expect them………to help or hinder..? You be the judge!

As I walked around the house gathering  I realized I only have bits of red, and some is used at both Christmas and Valentine’s.  The bonus is the days are close enough together the reds are not lost in the back of the drawer by the time Valentine’s comes along. A splash of  pink with the red and white looks nice as well.

Flowers are always a nice addition especially red and white roses, or red and white carnations. Flowers,  chocolates and a special someone to share them with.  Delightful!

Here are a couple of other ideas to help you get started.  Begin with a few basic choices then start adding and subtracting objects until you find a look you like. Remember to keep it fairly low so people can talk across the table comfortably.  Also remember that a variety of textures and shapes and a splash of a different color are usually more interesting.  Unless you are going for a very ultra modern look when less is better, add a variety of shapes and sizes.

valentine-table-decor-0181Add to it for color and textureDid you know the pink quartz is also called the heart rock.
What a great way to bring in texture!



Parfait cup with greens and carnations

Parfait cup with greens and carnations

Small red vase with white carnations

Small red vase with white carnations

Small red basket with ivy and carnations

Small red basket with ivy and carnations

Consider adding a couple of candles.

Table for two

Table for two

A couple of other tools that may be of use. Some are used in making the breakfast, others are used on the table and  others can add to the presentation and complete the theme.

The cookie cutters in the first picture can be used to cut many different foods such as ham slices, toast, scones, etc.  The black cutter is for shaping eggs while they are cooking..Cookie Cutters and an egg shapervalentine-table-decor-038valentine-table-decor-034

The three different parfait or fruit cups  can be decorated with heart doilies,

heart shaped chocolates, cinnamon hearts, flowers or sliced strawberries.

A red heart shaped bun basket.

I will be putting up a Valentine’s Day Breakast Menu in the next week or so.  I need to  bake the goodies so I can put some pictures up for you. When I do that I will do a table setting so you can see the complete picture.

copy-of-miscellaneous-0771I have a dear friend who is passionate about roses.  What better time to let you know about her blog thanksgiving-08-004which is full of the beautiful pictures of the roses she grows. Thanks Pauline!



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