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Rick and I heard some loud thumping. We assumed it was one of our sons building something (they both have grown up to be in the construction business) in the basement.  After awhile the pounding got more persistent and we figured perhaps they were having a ‘brotherly’ argument and one had locked the other out.  Either way we ignored it until it became so persistent we figured we’d better figure out what was going on.

Rick went downstairs and I went outside.  We both returned not finding either of the boys nor the source of the noise.  When we sat back down, it started again! This time we went upstairs looking for the source.  When I went upstairs I still heard the pounding but didn’t see any people! I knocked on our guests door but didn’t get an answer… so I went to the balcony on the adjoining room.

As soon as I opened the door our guests said “Oh thank goodness, we locked ourselves out here“.  She had on a housecoat but I noticed his shoulders were bare. It was starting to drizzle so I passed them a couple of towels and went to get the key.

I opened the door and the gentleman was standing wrapped in the two towels.  His wife was laughing and said “For years I’ve told him he was going to get caught without his clothes on and it has happened on our 25th anniversary.”

She went on to say “I remembered as soon as I heard the door click shut that you had said “Remember to unlock the door before you close it…..” Fortunately for them we heard the pounding, and fortunately for me the balconies are separated. I had no idea he was on the other side stark naked and freezing!


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